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chick mandara paper

34 years ago, we began selling "chick mat" laid on the bottom of the container in which to transport the chicks to poultry farms from Hatchery.

We developed the hygienic paper mat "chip mat" which I heat-treated as a substitute for sawdust to spread on the floor of the poultry farm before chicks entering.

In addition, we also began to sell "esa ichiban" as the feeding paper of the chicks. As a result of making an effort every day, we can develop the new product "chick mandara paper" that can help the poultry farming family, it increases intakes of the bait in early days of the chick and develops "koufun paper" for helping increase of the weight and will sell it.

Because I heat-treat it, "chick mandara paper" is hygienic as well as increase in weight. The supply is stable, too.

We will continue developing the product which can help poultry farming farming families; thank you for your cooperation.

MF Corporation.
President & CEO


Name of the company MF Corporation.
Established. 06 01, 1979
Paid-in capital 50,000,000yen
Employee 21 Name (current 8/1/2010)
Contents of business MF Corporation., engaged in product planning, development, manufacturing and sales as manufacturers specialize mainly in curing materials in the moving industry and building (protected material).
Also, our business curing materials other than livestock supplies and packaging materials, extensive areas.
Trading banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Kansai Urban banking
Head Office
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Shin-Osaka Daiichi Seimei Building10F, 3-5-24 Miyahara, Yodogawa-Ku, Osaka City, Osaka Pref
5320003 Japan
(20) Tel 81-6-6396-8078 / FAX 81-6-6396-8081
Tokyo Sales Office
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Shiba-Daimon Excellent Building 3F, 2-6-6 Sibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0012 Japan
Tel 81-3-5405-4871 / FAX 81-3-5405-4872


06/1979 In neyagawa, Osaka 3 million yen capital Shinko Co., Ltd... established.
Started sales of Pal Pack and paper cushioning WATTHINNGU.
06/1982 Capital 10 million yen.
Started sales of livestock for Chick Matt.
07/1983 Integrate headquarters and Ikeda sales office relocated to Itami city, Hyogo Prefecture.
04/1985 Tokyo office opened.
07/1988 Capital ¥ 15,000,000.
11/1989  Changed company name to MF Corporation.
Moved the headquarters in Ikeda, Osaka.
11/1991 Nippon Comprehensive Health Center ( present to JTS CO., LTD ) establishment.
04/1996 Started sales of Curing cover TAKECHIYOMARU.
09/1998 Capital ¥ 30,000,000.
05/1999 Patented curing cover UFO series.
05/2000 Curing cover UFO series registration.
05/2003 Founded the KOREA MF Korea.
09/2004 Capital ¥ 50,000,000.
04/2007 Headquarters moves to Yodogawa-Ku, Osaka.
10/2008 Safety supplies living Paradise JapanCO., LTD was established.
04/2009 Fukushima Prefecture MF Logistics Co., Ltd... established.
05/2009  Tokyo Branch Office and promoted to Division, and moved to Shinagawa-ku.
02/2010 Sendai city, Miyagi Prefecture, net sales company ICHIE CO., LTD was established.
03/2011  Opened a liaison office in Shanghai.
04/2011  JTS CO., LTD and Living Paradise JapanCO., LTD and ICHIE CO..., merger of three companies Ltd
Surviving company is to JTS CO., LTD.

group company

MF Logistics Co., Ltd. Iwase-gun, 116 Sakai Kagamiishi, Fukushima Pref
9690401 Japan
KOREA MF Seojin B/D 2Floor.98-8 Jungdae-Dong.Gwangju-Si.Gyeoneggi-Do.Korea
F Motoakira Co., Ltd. E-G-B1F, 2 - 1 - 8Ishibashi, Ikeda City, Osaka Pref
5630032 Japan