chick mandara paper

Yellow color contributes to weight gain!

    Yellow color:
  • ◆Makes inside of poultry house brighter.
  • ◆Stimulates chick’s behavior.
    Black dots:
  • ◆Helps chicks to find feed clearly and easily by the color contrast.
  • ◆Thermal storage effect of black color provides warm environment to chicks.

※Scatter feed 3 times a day for two days from their entrance.


Chick Mandara Paper stimulates chick’s curiosity and behavior!

Improve feed intake by crackly sound
Chicks are stimulated by “crackly sound” made by dropping feed on the paper when scattering feed.
That sound lead better feed intake.


Chick Mandara Paper has high water absorbency and degrade by itself!

The regular type of Chick Mandara Paper degrades in 2-3 days with its characteristic, water, manure and chick’s movement after enough feeding on the paper from very 1st day of entrance.

  • 1.Being hygienic with less mold growth
  • 2.Composting the degraded feeding papers
  • 3.Processing the litters with the paper as usual