hiyoko mat

Use as feeding paper mat for caging
The floor of the cage is a mesh and it is impossible to spread feed on it Use PakPaku Paper instead.
Initial feeding of the baby chicks can be improved with feed scattered on the floor.
Use for the feeding for 1 to 3 days of new baby chick arrival.
How much the chicks eat in the initial period influences greatly the later growth.

  • Protects the undersides of the chicks from getting cold.
  • Prevents sliding with embossed finish, has appropriate cushion and relieves stress to the baby chicks' feet.
  • The embossed finish captures the feed in the depressions and prevents the feed from collecting in one place, and keeps it evenly scattered all around.
  • The paper can be cut to fit cage size.
  • The paper can be used as a mat when transporting the chicks in a container.

Product Name Material Specification
Pakupaku paper No. 16 Corrugated paper 160g Production by Order (Please Call)
Pakupaku paper No. 18 Chip paper

*Product can be cut to other requested sizes.